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Ansatte med arbeidsområde Forskningsformidling

Seuthe, Lena

Fakultehtajođiheaddjit ja bargoveahka NT-fak
Realfag A175

Grytå, Torger

Gráfalaš hábmejeaddji
Studeantarekrutterema, márkana ja gráfalaš bálvalusaid juogus

Andersen, Anna

Arkeologiija, historjjá, oskkoldatdiehtaga ja teologiija instituhtta
Works with:

Mariano, Randolf

PhD Fellow/Researcher/Lecturer in Library, Media and Documentation Science
Giela ja kultuvrra instituhtta
Works with:
Undervisning / Forskningsformidling / Litteratursøk Research interests:

Library Diplomacy; Global Public Sphere; International Librarianship; Knowledge Management; Open Educational Resources and Open Access; Sustainable Development and Sustainability in Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAMs); Systematic and Scoping Reviews; Thematic Analysis; Digital Qualitative Methods