Start of semester, Autumn 2022:
Aerospace Control Engineering - Master, Narvik

Welcome to UiT Norway's Arctic University! We are so pleased that you have chosen to study with us. Here you will find everything you need to start your studies at Aerospace Control Engineering - Master.

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Group: Physical attendance at lectures
From: 15. Aug kl. 08.15
Where: Room D1100
Group: Meeting with professional staff at Aerospace Control Engineering
From: 15. Aug kl. 12.30
Where: E3102

Group: Official opening of the semester
From: 16. Aug kl. 10.00
Where: D1080 - Auditorium 1

Other information:

Termplan fall 2022

Campus Narvik - MazeMap

Please note that a digital refresher course in linear algebra will be arranged for you to join after you have finished the semester registration.

Link to the course schedule in Linear Algebra.

Compendium in Linear Algebra.

- 11 August it will be arranged a digital information meeting for international students and 12 August a physical ceremony. Welcome Program for Exchange and International Degree Students

You will find updated information on this site Debut WEEK International students

- Physical attendance at lectures is on 15 of August at 08:15 according to the timetable.

- Official opening of the semester is on 16 of August at 10 am at Auditorium 1.

Information from the faculty regarding semester start

Velkommen som ny student høsten 2022

Etter åpningsseremonien 16. august kl. 10:00 i Auditorium 1 er det satt av tid til omvisning og programvise møter der faglig ansatte på ditt studium blir presentert. Vi oppfordrer deg til å delta på det.

Sted og tidspunkt finner du i denne lenka - Her finner du i tillegg masse nyttig informasjon som vil bidra til å gjøre studiestarten enklere.


Welcome as a new student in the autumn 2022

After the opening ceremony on 16 August at 10:00 in Auditorium 1, time is set aside for guided tours and programmatic meetings where academic staff at your study are presented. We encourage you to attend.

Place and time can be found in this link - Here you will also find lots of useful information.

More information

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