Photo: Christian Halvorsen

Marius Myreng Haugland

  • Hira, Jonathan; Uddin, Md Jalal; Haugland, Marius Myreng; Lentz, Christian Stephan. From Differential Stains to Next Generation Physiology: Chemical Probes to Visualize Bacterial Cell Structure and Physiology. Molecules 2020; Volum 25 (21). ISSN 1420-3049.s doi: 10.3390/molecules25214949.
  • Baussière, Floriane; Haugland, Marius Myreng. Can we rescue antibiotics from bacterial resistance? Developing a new late-stage functionalization method for antibiotic conjugation. Annual Meeting of the National Graduate School in Infection Biology and Antimicrobials 2021-11-01 - 2021-11-02 2021.
  • Haugland, Marius Myreng; Partali, Vassilia. Synthesis of a Novel Tocopherol/Carotenoid Derivative. 2012.
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