Bilde av Haugland, Marius Myreng
Photo: Christian Halvorsen

Marius Myreng Haugland

  • Floriane Sandrine Isabelle Baussiere, Marius Myreng Haugland :
    Radical Group Transfer of Vinyl and Alkynyl Silanes Driven by Photoredox Catalysis
    Journal of Organic Chemistry 2023 DOI
  • Mateusz Sowinski, Sahil Gahlawat, Bjarte Aarmo Lund, Anna-Luisa Warnke, Kathrin Helen Hopmann, Janet E. Lovett et al.:
    Conformational tuning improves the stability of spirocyclic nitroxides with long paramagnetic relaxation times
    Communications chemistry 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jonathan Hira, Md Jalal Uddin, Marius Myreng Haugland, Christian Stephan Lentz :
    From Differential Stains to Next Generation Physiology: Chemical Probes to Visualize Bacterial Cell Structure and Physiology
    Molecules 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Floriane Baussière, Marius Myreng Haugland :
    Can we rescue antibiotics from bacterial resistance? Developing a new late-stage functionalization method for antibiotic conjugation
  • Marius Myreng Haugland, Vassilia Partali :
    Synthesis of a Novel Tocopherol/Carotenoid Derivative

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