Bilde av Magnani, Natalia
Bilde av Magnani, Natalia
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Natalia Magnani

Vuosttas Ámanueansa, sosiálaantropologiija

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  • Natalia Magnani, Matthew Walker Magnani :
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  • Natalia Magnani, Matthew Magnani :
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  • Natalia Magnani :
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  • Natalia Magnani :
    From Soul Transport to Decolonial Passage: Ceremonies of Continuity in Skolt Sámi Land
  • Anatolijs Venovcevs, Matthew Magnani, Natalia Magnani, Stein Farstadvoll :
    “Hold Avstand”: The Archaeology of and in the COVID-19 Pandemic in Tromsø, Norway
  • Natalia Magnani :
    Reindeer, Railways, and the Embodied Limits of Cultural Politics in Sámiland
  • Natalia Magnani, Matthew Magnani, Anatolijs Venovcevs, Stein Farstadvoll :
    Material Transformations of Memory
    American Anthropologist 02. Jul 2020 FULLTEKST
  • Natalia Magnani :
    Borders in Sápmi
  • Natalia Magnani :
    Technologies of Belonging: Crafting Life Beyond State Borders in Sápmi
  • Natalia Magnani, Matthew Magnani :
    The Dance of Craft and Colony
    Phini Chair Exhibit 2020
  • Natalia Magnani :
    Breaking Categories of Ecological Knowledge
  • Natalia Magnani :
    Beyond Practice
  • Matthew Magnani, Natalia Magnani, Anni Guttorm :
    Accessibility, Authenticity, and the Ethics of Digital Representation: A Reply to Galeazzi.
    Current Anthropology 2019

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    My research focuses on processes of memory, belonging, and Indigenous representation and politics, especially as they occur through material, infrastructural, and environmental relations.

    I currently lead the Norwegian Research Council project Arctic Silk Road: Imagining Global Infrastructures and Community Boundaries in Sápmi and the Russian North, which follows the social lives of railways, ports, and northern sea route infrastructure linked to Asia and global trade across Norway, Finland, and Russia.

    From studies of craft making and infrastructural development in Sápmi, to land demarcation in East Africa, I write about the embodied ways that people experience cultural change. In doing so, I seek to illuminate how bodily practice can be harnessed to achieve social transformation--both individually and in society at large. See my website for more details.


    SOA-1003 Communication and Meaning

    SOA 1006 Arctic Norway

    SOA 1009 Nature and Society

    SOA 3001 Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology

    SOA 3004 Minorities, Identity, and Borders

    SOA 3006 Indigenous Culture, Resource Management and Human Rights

    Member of research group

    SVHUM D 3012A

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