Digital Norwegian Language Courses for International Employees at UiT

Registration Deadline: Friday, August 23

In the autumn semester of 2024, we are offering digital courses at Level A1 (Introductory Level, first part), Level A2 (Introductory Level, second part), Level B1A (Intermediate Level, first part). and Level B1B (Intermediate Level, second part).

Level A1: This course is designed for employees who have no or little prior knowledge of Norwegian. The instructional material cover chapters 1-6 of Additional material will be provided by your teacher.

Level A2: This course is designed for students who have some prior knowledge of Norwegian. The instructional material covers chapters 7-10 of Additional material will be provided by your teacher.

Level B1A/B1B: This course is for students at Intermediate Level and covers the book Ellingsen & McDonald: STEIN PÅ STEIN. B1B is for those who have already completed B1A (i.e., the digital B1 course last semester).


Who can participate?

The digital Norwegian courses are available to all employees at UiT, regardless of which campus you are stationed at. However, employees based in Tromsø are strongly encouraged to attend the physical courses offered at Campus Tromsø, if practical. When there are many registrations, those who cannot attend in person will be given priority.


Timetable and duration.

The courses will run over 12 weeks, starting from week 37 (September 9th). There will be two digital classes each week (on Teams/Canvas), with each class lasting for one clock hour. The exact weekly schedule will be determined in consultation with the course participants.


Which Level should I sign up for?

If you are located in Tromsø or Narvik - and you are not a beginner - you are kindly asked to participate in the physical placement test that will be arranged at your campus.

Narvik: Monday, August 26, 6:00pm-7:30pm. Room E-1480.

Tromsø: Monday, August 26, 6:00pm-7:30pm. HSL faculty, room E-0101.

If you are located at a campus outside of Narvik or Tromsø, please use these placement test(s) and follow the advises for which level (A2 or B1) to sign up for.

Placement test (both for A2 and B1)

Additional test for B1 (B1 only)

Note: If you have already taken B1A, you do not need to take a placement test. Just sign up for B1B (unless you want to retake B1A).


Starts: 20.06.24 kl 12.00
Ends: 23.08.24 kl 00.00
Where: Canvas
Location / Campus: Digitalt, Tromsø, Alta, Hammerfest, Kirkenes, Harstad, Narvik
Target group: Ansatte, Inviterte
Contact: Odd Egil Johnsen
Phone: 77 64 68 10

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