ILP-seminaret: Glaciereducation – Glaciers as learningarena

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Silje Waaler

Glaciers are fascinating and crucial for our climate, but they are traditionally scarcely used in the education system. Many students and teachers are not aware of their role and how to utilize them for teaching and learning. Most of us do not have direct access to glaciers, as they are present in only a few regions and can be experienced in even fewer regions. Additionally, most glaciers globally recede currently, which makes it necessary to know the consequences in a changing climate.

Luckily, Steindalsbreen in the Lyngen Alps can be reached within a short time from Tromsø, which explains that researchers from different disciplines use the same glacier as a model for research and education. In this seminar we would like to share and combine research insights about the scientific basis with results from projects about teaching and learning about, next to and on glaciers.

Introduction – glaciers, an interdisciplinary learning arena (5 min.)
Jan Höper, UiT – department of education 

What may happen if Glaciers disappear (20 min)
Jemma Wadham, Director of the Norwegian Centre of Excellence: iC3 - Centre for ice, Cryosphere, Carbon and Climate

Erasmusproject GlacierXperience -  virtual and physical glaciereducation (15min)
Volker Heck, Universität Siegen; Jan Höper, UiT; Philipp Spitzer, Universität Graz

The project makes it possible to experience glaciers and give young people an understanding of the importance of this using chemical, physical and geological experiments. The aim of the project is to bring the various glaciers digitally into the classroom and thus make the world of glaciers and the associated scientific phenomena visible to more learners.

Modeling the consequences: Experiments for the classroom (15 min)
Philipp Spitzer, Universität Graz,

--- Break 20 min., cake and coffee ---

What happens with people/students on Glaciers (15 min)
Cecilie Harr Moen, UiT, 

Panel debate: How could we integrate glaciers into the education system in school and higher education? (approx. 20 min)
Moderation: Jan Höper

The presentations will be given in English, but questions may be asked in Norwegian. 

When: 20.08.24 kl 14.00–16.00
Where: Auditorium Didaktikken, ILP-bygget
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Ansatte, Studenter, Besøkende
Contact: Silje Sivertsvik
Phone: 77660768
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