Trial lecture - Master of Science Ryan Scott Wilkins

Master of Science Ryan Scott Wilkins will Monday February 26th, 2024, at 10:15 hold his Trial Lecture for the PhD degree in Science. The title of the lecture is:

"Protein engineering and design: from early beginnings to now"

Streaming site:
The disputas and trial lecture will be streamed from these sites:
Disputas (12:15 - 15:00)
Trial Lecture (10:15 - 11:00)
The thesis is available through Munin.
When: 26.02.24 kl 10.15–11.15
Where: Store Auditorium B302, Realfagsbygget
Location / Campus: Digitalt, Tromsø
Target group: Ansatte, Studenter, Besøkende, Inviterte, Enhet
Contact: Helge Ravn
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