ADLab Webinar: Dear future self with dementia. Articulating inclusive futures through letter writing (Annelieke Driessen and Hannah Cowan, London)

Time and place: October 1, 2021 1:15 PM–2:30 PM CET, Zoom Webinar

ADlab webinar series is a format of scholarly conversation that brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines who are working on art & dementia. By making our conversations transparent and openly accessible we invite a broader audience to listen and take part in knowledge creation. 



In this webinar, Annelieke and Hannah present on their work that asks people to imagine and speculate about a possible future for themselves with dementia by writing their future self a letter. The project seeks to challenge ageist and ableist assumptions, and to contribute to the articulation, and realisation, of inclusive futures.

For more information on the Dementia Letter project, go to the project website, read the blog Annelieke wrote on Disruptive inequalities, or follow Annelieke on twitter @Annelie3ssen.


Annelieke Driessen is assistant professor in medical anthropology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In her PhD she ethnographically explored how institutional care practices in the Netherlands may give rise to ‘interesting subject positions’ for people with dementia, namely those that diverged from the dominant imaginary of what it is like to live with advanced dementia.

Hannah Cowan is a Research Associate at King’s College London and is interested in activism, social inequalities, and health. Her current work focuses on speculative futures, and looks to develop creative practices which reclaim utopian thinking as a method for collectively imagining futures in which we would all like to live.






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When: 01.10.21 kl 13.15–14.30
Where: Zoom
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