Bilde av Taghipourbibalan, Hamid
Bilde av Taghipourbibalan, Hamid
Behavioral and Translational Neuroscience +4746566050 Tromsø

Hamid Taghipourbibalan



  • Parisa Yarmohammadi-Samani, Hamid Taghipourbibalan, Jafar Vatanparast :
    Long-lasting Postnatal Sensory Deprivation Alters Dendritic Morphology of Pyramidal Neurons in the Rat Hippocampus: Behavioral Correlates
    Neuroscience 2022 DOI
  • Hamid Taghipourbibalan, James Edgar McCutcheon :
    Altered feeding patterns in mice consuming protein-restricted diet versus non-restricted diet using home-cage monitoring units

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