Bilde av Rago, Anett
Bilde av Rago, Anett
Psykologiija instituhtta

Anett Rago

  • Anett Rago, Zsuzsanna Varga, Miklos Szabo :
    Stable organization of the early lexical-semantic network in 18- and 24-month-old preterm and full-term infants: an eye-tracker study
    Frontiers in Psychology 21. Sep 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Aron Horvath, Eszter Ferentzi, Anett Rago :
    EXPRESS: The retention of proprioceptive information is suppressed by competing verbal and spatial task
    Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (QJEP) 11. Apr 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Anett Rago :
    The effect of lexical status on prosodic processing in infants learning a fixed stress language
    Psychophysiology 2021 DOI
  • Anett Rago :
    Disrupted or delayed? Stress discrimination among preterm as compared to full-term infants during the first year of life
    Infant Behavior and Development 2021 DOI
  • Anett Rago, Aron Horvath :
    Short-term retention of proprioceptive information
    Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (QJEP) 2021 DOI
  • Anett Rago, Zsuzsanna Varga :
    Does intra-uterine language experience modulate word stress processing? An ERP study
    Research in Developmental Disabilities 2019 DOI
  • Anett Rago, linda garami :
    Lexical influence on stress processing in a fixed-stress language
    International Journal of Psychophysiology 2017 DOI
  • Anett Rago, Ferenc Honbolygo :
    Effect of maturation on suprasegmental speech processing in full- and preterm infants: a mismatch negativity study
    Research in Developmental Disabilities 2014 DOI
  • Anett Rago, Ferenc Honbolygo :
    Suprasegmental speech cues are automatically processed by the human brain: a mismatch negativity study
    Neuroscience Letters 2004 DOI

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