Bilde av Mariano, Randolf
Bilde av Mariano, Randolf
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Randolf Mariano

PhD Fellow/Researcher/Lecturer in Library, Media and Documentation Science


I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Language and Culture under the Media and Documentation Science Research Unit at UiT, The Arctic University of Norway.

Visiting Research Fellowship at the following institutions:

Department of Global Engagement Initiatives, Pattee & Paterno Libraries, Pennsylvania State University, USA 
Department of Information Studies, Åbo Akademi University, Finland (Erasmus+ Mobility)
As a member of the research group "LAMCOM - Libraries, Archives, and Museums in the Community, "I am focused on studying the essential role of knowledge, cultural and innovation diplomacy towards LAMs' learning environments in providing educational, economic, and social opportunities to the civic public.

Prior to starting my Ph.D. at UiT, I worked as a Research Librarian and Digital Engagement Specialist at the US Department of State and the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I studied for both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Library and Information Science at the University of the Philippines. 

  • Randolf Mariano :
    Why Libraries Matter in the New Diplomacy Era?
    Informaatiotutkimus 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Randolf Mariano :
    Mapping and searching for a theory and concept of library diplomacy
    Information research 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Randolf Mariano, Andreas Vårheim :
    Libraries, museums and cultural centers in foreign policy and cultural diplomacy:a scoping review
    Journal of Documentation 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Randolf Mariano :
    The Nexus between Hallyu and Library Usage in the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines
    Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries 2013
  • Randolf Mariano, Jamie Johnston :
    Let’s discuss, co-create, and advance sustainable development in the LIS curriculum: a design thinking workshop
  • Randolf Mariano :
    Erasmus+ Mobility for Library and Information Science at Åbo Akademi University
  • Randolf Mariano :
    Visiting Research Scholar Program at Penn State University Libraries
  • Randolf Mariano :
    Mapping and searching for a theory and concept of library diplomacy
  • Randolf Mariano :
    Theorizing Library Diplomacy in the international relations and library and information studies context
    2021 DATA
  • Andreas Vårheim, Randolf Mariano :
    Vulnerable communities, community resilience and social capital: challenges and opportunities for ASEAN public libraries
  • Randolf Mariano, Andreas Vårheim :
    Mapping the research on libraries, museums, and cultural centers in foreign policy and cultural diplomacy: a scoping review
  • Randolf Mariano :
    The Library Diplomacy Initiative: the role of foreign cultural centers in bridging culture and innovation
  • Randolf Mariano :
    Let's make: it happen!: developing a makerspace program guide for community librarians, educators and the youth in the National library of the Philippines
    2018 DATA
  • Randolf Mariano, Donna Lyn Labangon :
    Full STEAM Ahead: Empowering and Catalyzing Creative Thinking and Social Entrepreneurial Skills of the community through Library Makerspace
  • Randolf Mariano :
    From BOOKs to MOOCs: The Integration of Open Educational Resources to Library Services in American Spaces in East Asia and the Pacific Region
  • Randolf Mariano :
    Social Media Presence Theory and Implications for Interactive Collaboration Learning in Massive Open Online Course at the American Spaces - Thomas Jefferson Information Center

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    Library Diplomacy; Global Public Sphere; International Librarianship; Knowledge Management; Open Educational Resources and Open Access; Sustainable Development and Sustainability in Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAMs); Systematic and Scoping Reviews; Thematic Analysis; Digital Qualitative Methods


    Course developed:

    HIF-3113 Libraries, Archives and Museums (LAMs) for Sustainable Development (Spring 2023), Lecturer, UiT

    MDV-1005 Media and Documentation Science Research Methods (Spring 2023) - Co-Lecturer, UiT

    Course taught:

    IS 582 IL Advanced Topics in International Librarianship (Fall 2022) - Guest Lecturer, School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility: Library Diplomacy and International Librarianship (Fall 2022) - Visiting Fellow, Åbo Akademi University

    UPP113F Library Operations: Management, Policy-making and Development in Professional Work (Fall 2022) - Guest Lecturer, University of Iceland

    MBIB4240 Institutions Promoting Information and Culture (Fall 2022) - Guest Lecturer, Oslo Metropolitan University

    BIBV3891 BOBCATSSS International Project Collaboration (Fall 2022) - Guest Lecturer, Oslo Metropolitan University

    MDV-1204 Libraries, Society and Management (Fall 2022) - Co-Lecturer, UiT

    MDV-1203 Library and Information Dissemination (Fall 2021) - Co-Lecturer, UiT

    MDV-3062 Knowledge Management (Spring 2021) - Lecturer, UiT

    MDV-1005 Media and Documentation Science Research Methods (Spring 2021) - Co-Lecturer, UiT

    MDV-1203 Library and Information Dissemination (Fall 2020) - Co-Lecturer, UiT

    MDV-1203 Library and Information Dissemination (Fall 2019) - Co-Lecturer, UiT

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