Stephanie von Spreter

  • Stephanie von Spreter :
    Feminist strategies for changing the story: re-imagining Arctic exploration narratives through (the staging of) photographs, travel writing and found objects
    Journal of Aesthetics and Culture 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Marthe Tolnes Fjellestad, Stephanie von Spreter :
    Welcome and introduction to conference, Photographic Practices as Care-Taking
  • Synne Tollerud Bull, Dragan Miletic, Petrine Vinje, Christine Pettersen, Ingrid Halland, Stephanie von Spreter :
    Urban Ecologies After A.I.
    Urban Ecologies After A.I. 2021 DATA / PROSJEKT
  • Stephanie von Spreter :
    Ulla Schildt. Flowers from Svalbard [essay]
    Ulla Schildt. Flowers from Svalbard 2020 DATA
  • Felix Gmelin, Stephanie von Spreter :
    A story for you to continue
    A story for you to continue 2018 SAMMENDRAG

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