Dybvik Jo Benjamin - Face.jpg
Dybvik Jo Benjamin - Face.jpg
Mánáidsuodjalusa ja sosiála barggu instituhtta jdy000@post.uit.no Harstad

Jo Benjamin Dybvik

  • Jo Benjamin Dybvik, Walter Schönfelder :
    Between health, morality and pragmatics: common mental disorders and decision-making for disability benefits in the Norwegian welfare state
    Disability & Society 2020 DOI
  • Jo Benjamin Dybvik, Silja Sundsfjord, Catharina Elisabeth Arfwedson Wang, Mary Nivison :
    Significance of nature in a clinical setting and its perceived therapeutic value from patients’ perspective
    European Journal of Psychotherapy & Councelling 2018 FULLTEKST / SAMMENDRAG / ARKIV / DOI

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