Barlindhaug, Gaute



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  • Barlindhaug, Gaute. The Kids Want Noise - How Sonic Mediations Change the Aesthetics of Music. 2019.
  • Barlindhaug, Gaute. Våre Håpefulle filmmusikk. 2019.
  • Barlindhaug, Gaute. Forholdet. 2017.
  • Barlindhaug, Gaute. Musikk til Dokumentarfilmen Nuclear Neighbour. 2016.
  • Barlindhaug, Gaute. Musikk til dokumentarfilmen Ambulance. 2016.
  • Barlindhaug, Gaute; Jakobsen, Anette Tunheim. Unveil. 2014.
  • Barlindhaug, Gaute. Digital Balke/Divine North. Digital Balke/Divine North 2014-10-22 - 2014.
  • Barlindhaug, Gaute; Jakobsen, Anette Tunheim. Dead by choice. 2014.
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