Bilde av Krause, Kirsten
Bilde av Krause, Kirsten
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Kirsten Krause

  • Maleen Hartenstein, Markus Albert, Kirsten Krause :
    The plant vampire diaries: a historic perspective on Cuscuta research
    Journal of Experimental Botany 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Zahra Zangishei, Maria Luz Annacondia, Heidrun Gundlach, Alena Didriksen, Julien Bruckmüller, Hooman Salari et al.:
    Parasitic plant small RNA analyses unveil parasite-specific signatures of microRNA retention, loss, and gain
    Plant Physiology 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Thomas Georges A Bawin, Julien Hollmann, Stian Olsen, Kirsten Krause :
    A host-free transcriptome for haustoriogenesis in Cuscuta campestris: Signature gene expression identifies markers of successive development stages
    Physiologia Plantarum : An International Journal for Plant Biology 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Benjamin M. Anderson, Kirsten Krause, Gitte Petersen :
    Mitochondrial genomes of two parasitic Cuscuta species lack clear evidence of horizontal gene transfer and retain unusually fragmented ccmFc genes
    BMC Genomics 2021 DOI
  • Hannah Schweitzer, Nerea Johanna Aalto, Wolfgang Busch, Dennis Tin Chat Chan, Matteo Chiesa, Edel O. Elvevoll et al.:
    Innovating carbon-capture biotechnologies through ecosystem-inspired solutions
    One Earth 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Karsten Fischer, Lena Anna-Maria Lachner, Stian Olsen, Maria Mulisch, Kirsten Krause :
    The enigma of interspecific plasmodesmata: insight from parasitic plants
    Frontiers in Plant Science 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Kirsten Krause, Stian Olsen :
    Screening for Cellulolytic Plant Enzymes Using Colorimetric and Fluorescence Methods
    Methods in molecular biology 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Marlene Teubner, Benjamin Lenzen, Lucas Bernal Espenberger, Janina Fuss, Jörg Nickelsen, Kirsten Krause et al.:
    The Chloroplast Ribonucleoprotein CP33B Quantitatively Binds the psbA mRNA
    Plants 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Volker Hegenauer, Peter Slaby, Max Körner, Julien Hollmann, Ronja Burggraf, Isabell Albert et al.:
    The tomato receptor CuRe1 senses a cell wall protein to identify Cuscuta as a pathogen
    Nature Communications 2020 DATA / FULLTEKST / OMTALE / ARKIV / DOI
  • Lena Anna-Maria Lachner, Levon Galstyan, Kirsten Krause :
    A highly efficient protocol for transforming Cuscuta reflexa based on artificially induced infection sites
    Plant Direct 2020 FULLTEKST / ARKIV / DOI
  • Rainer Schwacke, Gabriel Y. Ponce-Soto, Kirsten Krause, Anthony Bolger, Borjana Arsova, Asis Hallab et al.:
    MapMan4: a refined protein classification and annotation framework applicable to multi-omics data analysis.
    Molecular Plant 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Andrew Galloway, Paul Knox, Kirsten Krause :
    Sticky mucilages and exudates of plants – putative microenvironmental design elements with biotechnological value
    New Phytologist 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Stian Olsen, Kirsten Krause :
    A rapid preparation procedure for laser microdissection‑mediated harvest of plant tissues for gene expression analysis
    Plant Methods 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Frank Förste, Ioanna Mantouvalou, Birgit Kanngiesser, Hagen Stosnach, Lena Anna-Maria Lachner, Karsten Fischer et al.:
    Selective mineral transport barriers at Cuscuta-host infection sites
    Physiologia Plantarum : An International Journal for Plant Biology 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Alexander Vogel, Rainer Schwacke, Alisandra Denton, Björn Usadel, Julien Hollmann, Karsten Fischer et al.:
    Footprints of parasitism in the genome of the parasitic flowering plant Cuscuta campestris
    Nature Communications 2018 ARKIV / DOI
  • Kirsten Krause, Hanne Risan Johnsen, Anna Pielach, leidulf Lund, Karsten Fischer, Jocelyn KC Rose :
    Identification of tomato introgression lines with enhanced susceptibility or resistance to infection by parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa)
    Physiologia Plantarum : An International Journal for Plant Biology 2018 DOI
  • German Martinez, Kirsten Krause :
    The parasitic plant haustorium: a trojan horse releasing microRNAs that take control of the defense responses of the host
    Non-coding RNA Investigation 2018 DOI
  • Karin Krupinska, Kirsten Krause :
    The transcriptionally active chromosomes (TAC) of plastids revisited
    Endocytobiosis and cell research 2017 FULLTEKST
  • Stian Olsen, Kirsten Krause :
    Activity of xyloglucan endotransglucosylases/hydrolases suggests a role during host invasion by the parasitic plant Cuscuta reflexa
  • Bernd Striberny, Anthony Melton, Rainer Schwacke, Kirsten Krause, Karsten Fischer, Leslie R. Goertzen et al.:
    Cytokinin Response Factor 5 has transcriptional activity governed by its C-terminal domain.
    Plant Signalling & Behavior 2017 DOI
  • Marlene Teubner, Janina Fuss, Kristina Kühn, Kirsten Krause, Christian Schmitz-Linneweber :
    The RRM protein CP33A is a global ligand of chloroplast mRNAs and is essential for plastid biogenesis and plant development
    The Plant Journal 2016 DOI
  • Stian Olsen, Zoe A. Popper, Kirsten Krause :
    Two sides of the same coin: xyloglucan endotransglucosylases/hydrolases in host infection by the parasitic plant Cuscuta
    Plant Signalling & Behavior 2016 DOI
  • Stian Olsen, Bernd Ketelsen Striberny, Julien Hollmann, Rainer Schwacke, Zoe A. Popper, Kirsten Krause :
    Getting ready for host invasion: Elevated expression and action of xyloglucan endotransglucosylases/hydrolases in developing haustoria of the holoparasitic angiosperm Cuscuta
    Journal of Experimental Botany 2016 ARKIV / DOI
  • Bernd Ketelsen Striberny, Kirsten Krause :
    Cell wall glycoproteins at interaction sites between parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa) and its host Pelargonium zonale
    Plant Signalling & Behavior 2015 DOI
  • Kirsten Krause :
    Grand-scale theft: Kleptoplasty in parasitic plants?
    Trends in Plant Science 2015 DOI
  • Hanne Risan Johnsen, Bernd Ketelsen, Stian Olsen, Silvia Vidal-Melgosa, Jonatan U Fangel, William GT Willats et al.:
    Cell wall composition profiling of parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa) and its hosts: a priori differences and induced changes
    New Phytologist 2015 DOI
  • Hanne Risan Johnsen, Kirsten Krause :
    Cellulase activity screening using pure carboxymethylcellulose: Application to soluble cellulolytic samples and to plant tissue prints
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2014 ARKIV / DOI
  • Kanika Jain, Kirsten Krause, Felix Grewe, Gaven F Nelson, Andreas PM Weber, Alan C Christensen et al.:
    Extreme Features of the Galdieria sulphuraria Organellar Genomes: A Consequence of Polyextremophily?
    Genome Biology and Evolution (GBE) 2014 ARKIV / DOI
  • Karin Krupinska, Joanna Melonek, Kirsten Krause :
    New insights into plastid nucleoid structure and functionality
    Planta 2013 DOI
  • Liv-Irene Berglund, Kirsten Krause :
    Studentproduserte filmer i laboratorieundervisning
    2023 FULLTEKST
  • Beatrix Enderle, Kirsten Krause, Andreas Hiltbrunner :
    Shade signals as essential components of host detection in the parasitic plant Cuscuta campestris
  • Kirsten Krause :
    Picky parasites? Nutrient selectivity and its molecular causes in the interaction between parasitic dodders and their hosts
  • Lena Anna-Maria Lachner, Kirsten Krause :
    Approaches for the transformation of a parasitic plant
  • Kirsten Krause :
    The problem of recalcitrant cellulosic biomass: How can (parasitic) plants contribute to finding solutions?
  • Katja Karppinen, Charlotte Bour, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf, Hilary Edema, Amos Samkumar Rajan Premkumar, Teemu H. Teeri et al.:
    Genome mining for plant cell wall degrading enzymes of plant origin
  • Kirsten Krause :
    Nutrient selectivity of parasitic dodders and its implication for transport pathways
  • Kirsten Krause, Sunniva Katharina Thode, Ulrike Naumann :
    Lovende samarbeid for mer matnyttig kunnskap i hele Norge
    Nordnorsk debatt - Nordlys 14. Sep 2022
  • Kirsten Krause :
    Hide and Seek: Interactions between parasitic Cuscuta and their hosts
  • Kirsten Krause :
    Something old, something new, something borrowed ... - plant genomes under the influence of a parasitic lifestyle
  • Kirsten Krause :
    Cuscuta campestris: A plant genome under the influence of a parasitic lifestyle
  • Benjamin Anderson, Kirsten Krause, Gitte Petersen :
    Lack of evidence for horizontally transferred genes in mitochondria of Cuscuta species
  • Kirsten Krause :
    Pflanze des Monats Juli 2019 im Botanischen Garten Kiel: Teufelszwirn (Cuscutae spec.)
  • Thorsten Hamann, Anna Karkonen, Kirsten Krause :
    From plant cell wall metabolism and plasticity to cell wall biotechnology
    Physiologia Plantarum : An International Journal for Plant Biology 2018 DOI
  • Anna Avetisyan, Anush Panosyan, Martina Paponov, Ivan Paponov, Inger Martinussen, Kirsten Krause et al.:
    Teaching plant biology brings together Norway and Armenia as platform for international collaboration
  • Kirsten Krause :
    Plant endosymbionts and parasites
  • leidulf Lund, Marie Cooper, Julien Hollmann, Kirsten Krause :
    Red light control of dodder infection
  • Kirsten Krause :
    Learning "plant language". From intracellular to inter-plant communication
  • Zoe A. Popper, Anna Pielach, Stian Olsen, Kirsten Krause :
    Wall stories: the role of plant cell walls in parasitic interactions.
  • Stian Olsen, Zoe A. Popper, Kirsten Krause :
    Xyloglucan-modifying enzymes of the parasitic plant Cuscuta: putative functions in host plant infection
  • Kirsten Krause :
    "Devils guts" or "Angel hair"? The genus Cuscuta and its many faces

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