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Michael Paul Morreau

  • Michael Paul Morreau, Erik J. Olsson :
    Learning from Ranters: the Effect of Information Resistance on the Epistemic Quality of Social Network Deliberation
    Routledge 2022
  • Michael Paul Morreau, Erik J. Olsson :
    Michael Morreau and Erik J. Olsson's Response to Commentaries
    Routledge 2022
  • Thomas Feliciani, Michael Paul Morreau, Junwen Luo, Pablo Lucas, Kalpana Shankar :
    Designing grant-review panels for better funding decisions: Lessons from an empirically calibrated simulation model.
    Research Policy 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Philip Ebert, Michael Morreau :
    Safety in numbers: how social choice theory can inform avalanche risk management
    Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Michael Morreau :
    Democracy without Enlightenment: A Jury Theorem for Evaluative Voting
    Journal of Political Philosophy 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Michael Morreau :
    Supergrading: How Diverse Standards Can Improve Collective Performance in Ranking Tasks
    Theory and Decision 2019 DOI
  • Aidan Lyon, Michael Morreau :
    The wisdom of collective grading and the effects of epistemic and semantic diversity
    Theory and Decision 2017 DOI
  • Michael Morreau, John A. Weymark :
    Measurement scales and welfarist social choice
    Journal of Mathematical Psychology 2016 DOI
  • Michael Morreau, Aidan Lyon :
    How common standards can diminish collective intelligence: a computational study
    Journal of Evaluation In Clinical Practice 2016 DOI
  • Michael Morreau :
    Grading in groups
    Economics and Philosophy 2016 DOI
  • Michael Morreau :
    Theory choice and social choice: Kuhn vindicated
    Mind 2015 DOI
  • Michael Morreau :
    Mr. Fit, Mr. Simplicity and Mr. Scope: From Social Choice to Theory Choice
    Erkenntnis: An International Journal of Scientific Philosophy 2014 DOI
  • Michael Morreau :
    Arrow's Theorem
    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2014 FULLTEKST
  • Michael Morreau :
    It Simply Does Not Add Up: Trouble with Overall Similarity
    The Journal of Philosophy 2010
  • Michael Morreau :
    The Hypothetical Syllogism
    Journal of Philosophical Logic 2009
  • Michael Morreau :
    What Vague Objects are Like
    The Journal of Philosophy 2002
  • Michael Morreau :
    Fitting Words: Vague Language in Context
    Linguistics and Philosophy 2000
  • Michael Morreau :
    Other Things Being Equal
    Philosophical Studies 1999
  • Michael Morreau :
    Supervaluation Can Leave Truth-Value Gaps After All
    The Journal of Philosophy 1999
  • Michael Morreau :
    For the Sake of the Argument
    The Journal of Philosophy 1998
  • Michael Morreau :
    Syntactical Treatments of Propositional Attitudes
    Artificial Intelligence 1998
  • Michael Morreau :
    Fainthearted Conditionals
    The Journal of Philosophy 1997
  • Michael Morreau :
    Prima Facie and Seeming Duties
    Studia Logica: An International Journal for Symbolic Logic 1996
  • Michael Morreau :
    Epistemic Semantics for Counterfactuals
    Journal of Philosophical Logic 1992

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