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Application deadline
Nordic applicants: 20. April/1. November
International applicants: 1. December
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This discipline is included in the programMathematics - master.

Algebra is the study of certain mathematical objects and structures of an algebraic or discrete nature. Algebra is an important part of mathematics whose methods and results can be used in such scientific fields as computer science, physics, statistics and other branches of mathematics. Master's thesis are offered in the fields of cryptography/coding theory, algebraic number theory, analysis of algorithms and homological algebra.

The program structure below indicates that at least three of six courses in the program will be courses in algebra at 3000-level.

Other relevant elective courses are MAT-3302 Elliptic curves, MAT-3810 Special syllabus and other courses in mathematics, statistics or computer science at the 2000- or 3000-level.

For further information on evaluation/examination/assesment, see individual course descriptions.

Term 10 ects 10 ects 10 ects
First term (autumn)
Elective course
Elective course
Second term (spring)
MAT-3304 Advanced Number Theory
Elective course
Third term (autumn)
(60 ECTS)
Fourth term (spring)

Admission to the programme Mathematics - master, requires a Bachelor`s degree (180 ECTS) in Mathematics or equivalent qualification in Mathematics; or another degree following a programme of study of not less than three years' duration, or similar education approved in accordance with the Norwegian Universities Act section 3-4.

In addition, specialization in mathematics worth the equivalent of not less than 80 ECTS credits is required.

  • Applicants who hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent issued in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand: An average grade C as a minimum requirement,
  • Applicants who hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent issued in countries other than the above mentioned region/countries: An average grade B as a minimum requirement.

More information on formal admission requirements:

Applicants from Norway or Nordic countries:

  • The application deadline for Norwegian and other Nordic applicants is April 15th for admission to the autumn semester.

Applicants from outside the Nordic countries:

  • The application deadline for self-financing applicants is December 1st for admission to the autumn semester.
  • Online application, study code 2003.

Are you an international applicant? Read more here.

The language of instruction and all syllabus material is in English. Examination questions will be given in English, but may be answered either in English or a Scandinavian language.

The Master's Thesis may also be written either in English or a Scandinavian language.

After an agreement with the Department, a period of study abroad can be arranged.