AcqVA Aurora Guest Lecture Series

AcqVA Aurora Guest Lecture Series

The AcqVA Aurora Guest Lecture Series invites outstanding researchers from all over the world approximately once a month. These events are streamed (see below for links).

Organizers: Aleksandra Tomic , Tekabe Legesse Feleke
Time & place:
Thursdays 14:15, E0101

Schedule spring 2021

April 15th - Zoom link
Raphael Berthele 
(University of Friborg)
On predispositions for language learning: History of language aptitude testing and empirical investigations of young multilinguals

May 27th, exact time TBA - Zoom link
Abbas Benmamoun 
(Duke University)

June 3rd, NB at 12:15 h - Zoom link
Sol Lago 
(Goethe University Frankfurt)

Starts: 01. Jan 2021 kl. 23.38
Ends: 31. Dec 2022 kl. 23.39
Where: E1001
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Studenter
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