Information about exchange, Autumn semester 2022

Are you planning on going on exchange in the Autumn semester 2022?  If so you will need to sign up for the course UTV-0001 in Studentweb by February 1st.  If you want to learnmore about going on exchange The International Cooperation Section will hold a meeting on January 13th.

This meeting is open for all students who plan on going on an exchange in the Autumn semester 2022.  The meeting will cover all the steps neccessary to start planning your exchange.  This meeting will be in English, however we will also have a meeting in Norwegian

You may also start registering for the course UTV-0001 in studentweb. WIthin the Canvas room for the course you will find information about the next steps you will have to take to start planning for your exchange.  You can also find information here.

When: 13. Jan 2022 kl. 10.15–11.00
Where: Digital, Zoom
Location / Campus: Digitalt
Target group: Studenter
Contact: Kristian Osnes Aambø

Deadline: 12.01.2022
Deadline has been reached. Sorry
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