2015-2018 Evolution of Seasonal Timers

Collaborators: Andrew Loudon (University of Manchester, UK), Dave Burt (University of Edinburgh, UK),  Takashi Yoshimura (Nagoya University, JP)


2015-2019 Light & Salt: Light & Salt - Thyroid hormone deiodinase paralogues & the evolution of complex life-history strategy in salmonids.

Collaborators: Sam Martin and Dan MacQueen (University of Aberdeen, UK), Lars Ebbesson and Tom Nilsson (University of Bergen, NO), Hugues Dardente (University of Tours, FR), Peter Klaren (Radboud University Nijmegen, NL), Even Jørgensen (University of Tromsø, NO)


2012 – 2014 Epigenetic Light

Collaborators: Valerie Simonneaux (University of Strasbourg, FR)


2009 – 2014    The Physiological and Genomic Basis to the Timing of Life History Transitions in the Atlantic Salmon

Collaborators: Sam Martin (University of Aberdeen, UK)


2008 -  2012 Thyrotrophin signaling at the core of photoperiodic timing

Collaborators: Gerald Lincoln (University of Edinburgh, UK), Bruce Whitelaw (Roslin Institute, UK), Roelof Hut (University of Groningen, NL)


2007 – 2011 Defining the molecular basis of photoperiodism in mammals

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