Minna Niemi
Photo: Toje Jenssen
Minna Niemi
Giela ja kultuvrra instituhtta minna.j.niemi@uit.no +4777644176 Tromsø SVHUM E 2020

Niemi, Minna Johanna

  • Niemi, Minna Johanna. Critical representation of neoliberal capitalism and uneven development in Tsitsi Dangarembga’s This Mournable Body. Journal of Southern African Studies 2021; Volum 47 (5). ISSN 0305-7070.s 869 - 888.s doi: 10.1080/03057070.2021.1959118.
  • Niemi, Minna Johanna. Challenging Developmentalist Narratives: Helon Habila's Oil on Water as a Representation of the Extractivist Exploitation in the Niger Delta Region. Lexington Books 2018 ISBN 978-1-4985-3476-5.s 155 - 168.
  • Niemi, Minna Johanna. Totalitarian politics and individual responsibility: Revising Hannah Arendt’s inner dialogue through the notion of confession in J. M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians. South African Journal of Philosophy 2017; Volum 36 (2). ISSN 0258-0136.s 223 - 238.s doi: 10.1080/02580136.2016.1219210.
  • Niemi, Minna Johanna. Challenging moral corruption in the postcolony: Ayi Kwei Armah’s The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born and Hannah Arendt’s notion of individual responsibility. Postcolonial Studies 2017; Volum 20 (2). ISSN 1368-8790.s 217 - 236.s doi: 10.1080/13688790.2017.1363782.
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  • Niemi, Minna Johanna. ”Re-envisioning the Haunting Past: Kara Walker’s Art and the Re-appropriation of the Visual Codes of the Antebellum South” in World Cinema and the Visual Arts (David Gallagher, ed.). Anthem Press 2012 ISBN 9780857284389.
  • Rasch, Astrid; Niemi, Minna Johanna; Alexander, Jocelyn. Reading Repression and Resistance in Zimbabwean Literature. (data) Journal of Southern African Studies 2021; Volum 47 (5). ISSN 0305-7070.s doi: 10.1080/03057070.2021.1964760.
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  • Niemi, Minna Johanna; Farah, Nuruddin. “Witnessing Contemporary Somalia from Abroad: An Interview with Nuruddin Farah”. Callaloo 2012; Volum 35 (2). ISSN 0161-2492.s doi: 10.1353/cal.2012.0056.
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