Dihtorteknologiija ja meroštanvuđot inšenevrafágaid instituhtta ane.saterdal@uit.no Narvik

Sæterdal, Ane Solbakken

  • Deshpande, Sujay; Sæterdal, Ane; Sundsbø, Per-Arne. Sea Spray Icing: The Physical Process and Review of Prediction Models and Winterization Techniques.. Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering 2021; Volum 143 (6). ISSN 0892-7219.s doi: 10.1115/1.4050892.
  • Engtrø, Espen; Sæterdal, Ane. Investigating the Polar Code’s function-based requirements for life-saving appliances and arrangements, and the performance of survival equipment in cold climate conditions – test of SOLAS approved desalting apparatus at low temperatures. (fulltekst) Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs (AJMOA) 2021. ISSN 1836-6503.s doi: 10.1080/18366503.2021.1883821.
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